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    【7月3日】【国际经济与贸易学院双周学术论坛 “贸易与发展”系列讲座】Illusive Taxation on the Second Nature

    [发表时间]:2019-06-26 [来源]:国际经济与贸易学院 [浏览次数]:

      讲座题目:Illusive Taxation on the Second Nature




      主讲人简介:曾道智1996年获得日本京都大学应用数学博士学位,现为日本东北大学教授。他长期从事空间经济学和博弈论方面的研究,研究成果发表在《Journal of Development Economics》、《Journal of Urban Economics》、《Journal of Regional Science》、《Journal of Economic Geography》等空间经济学领域的顶级期刊,累计引用400余次,具有广泛的社会影响力,是在国际贸易与空间经济学领域有重要影响的华人经济学家。

      摘要:This paper examines the tax competition for mobile capital between symmetric countries. All first-nature features (local advantages) are completely abstracted away, so agglomeration and dispersion forces come purely from the second nature---the economic linkages based on monopolistic competition, increasing returns to scale, and trade costs. A positive tax indicates a dispersion rentwhile a negative tax implies an agglomeration rent. This paper finds thatthe income effect and the pro-competitive effect together foster a dispersion forcethat can be exploited by the local government in the form of a positive tax rate.



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