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    【7月1日】 【CEMA研讨会2019春季第十七讲-龙马奋进·校庆70周年学术系列讲座】 Maternity Leave and Health: Evidence from Late Childbirth Regulation in China

    [发表时间]:2019-06-26 [来源]:中国经济与管理研究院 [浏览次数]:

      论文题目:Maternity Leave and Health: Evidence from Late Childbirth Regulation in China


      论文摘要:This paper uses data from China Family Panel Studies and Chinese Women’s Social Status Survey to examine the effects of maternity leave on the health outcomes of children aged 2-10 years old and their mothers. The identification comes from the province, year, and birth order variations of leave days based on China’s legislation. We provide the first evidence in China that a longer maternity leave increases the probability and duration of breastfeeding, decreases children’s overweight and obesity, and children’s visits to a hospital. A longer maternity leave also increases maternal self-rate health condition. In addition, maternity leave tends to have a greater effect on families with higher social economic status. These findings suggest that breastfeeding is an important mechanism which promotes children’s and maternal health outcomes.



      报告人简介:王晴,北京大学汇丰商学院助理教授。她毕业于伊利诺伊大学获经济学博士学位,之前在中国人民大学获得经济学学士和硕士学位。王晴博士的研究方向是劳动与人口经济学、公共政策和创业创新。王晴博士的部分论文发表于Economics of Education Review, Journal of Comparative Economics, Health Economics, Urban Studies, China Economic Review等期刊。





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